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Wheat Thresher

Seth Tufail Wheat Thresher

Seth Tufail Wheat Thresher is a machine or device that first separates the head of a stalk of grain from the straw, and then further separates the essential part from the rest of the head.

Thresher, farm machine for separating wheat, peas, soybeans, and other small grain and seed crops from their chaff and straw. Primitive threshing methods involved beating by hand with a flail or trampling by animal hooves.


Featured by its high production rate, good threshing performance and few loss of grain etc., it is a good helper with farmers.

  • Robust Construction.
  • 50% extra output then other threshers.
  • High quality material like steel, bearings, pulleys, ms sheet, etc.
  • Provision of adjusting the cylinder and concave.
  • Provision of wheels for easy transportation.
  • Provision for speed variation for different crops.
  • Extra safety covers are provided over pulleys, flywheel. V-belts to avoid any accident.
  • More efficiency resulting in better performance in less fuel consumption.
  • Stringently inspected components by the qualified engineers before fitment.
  • The FARMKING WHEAT THRESHER consists of hopper, which is drive by the gear box. Reverse gear can be use if necessary.
  • The threshing unit contains FOUR sharp cutting blades with spike tooth cylinder. The crop is cut in to small pieces & rubs against the concave which give superior separating performance.
  • Two aspirators blowers are attached to threshing unit, which separates small pieces of crops residue from the seed.
  • Further a shaking & bagging unit are used to collect the seeds.
  • The unit is supplied with belts & pulleys to achieve variable cylinder speed, but the speed of blower can change according to requirement.
  • It also consists of elevator or burn for loading seeds to trolley, pneumatic transport wheel & single hitch system.

Technical Specification for Wheat Thresher


Diameter 850 mm
Width 900 mm
No. of Cutter 100


No. of Blades FOUR
Clearing Blower ONE


Type of Feeding Conveyer Belt/ Chute


Height 2120 MM
Type Worm
Concave Multi Crop


Length 4200 MM
Width 1930 mm
Height 2290 mm
Weight 1600 Kg

What is the working procedure of Seth Tufail's Wheat Thresher

When the machine is in operation, firstly put the crops into machine from feeder. Next crops will be rubbed, squeezed, collided and shaken by assembly of rack and screen mesh. Then the grain would be separated from the culm, and flow out from the screen mesh. Finally, the culm will be thrown out by centrifugation of roller, and threshing is finished.

What is your Wheat Thresher quality?

Compared with other threshers, our thresher has more wider application, we are making the best and reliable quality Wheat thresher. We check every wheat thresher very closely before shipping.

Do you offer guarantee?

Yes, we offer guarantee.