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Seth Tufail Rotavator

Seth Tufail Rotavator is a type of machine with rotating blades that will break up soil, as on rough or uncultivated ground, or work surface material into the soil Unlike the Rototiller, the self-propelled seth tufail Rotavator is equipped with a gearbox and driven forward, or held back, by its wheels. The gearbox enables the forward speed to be adjusted while the rotational speed of the tines remains constant which enables the operator to easily regulate the extent to which soil is engaged. For a two-wheel tractor rotavator this greatly reduces the workload of the operator as compared to a rototiller. These rotavators are generally heavier duty, come in higher power (4–18 horsepower or 3–13 kilowatts) with either petrol or diesel engines and can cover much more area per hour.

The FARMKING Rotavator / Rotary Tiller produces a fine seed bed with one or two passes before and after rain. It is most suitable for the removal of stubble sugarcane, wheat, banana, cotton. It retains soil moisture and increases soil porosity and aeration, which enhance germination and growth of crops


Our Rotavator is known for its high performance, toughness, unwavering quality and long service life.

  • Fuel expenses saving can be to the tune of 15% TO 35%
  • It can immediately prepare the soil, the soil moisture of previous crop does not go waste
  • Pudding in wet fields is done smoothly, quickly and efficiently.
  • Suitable to use in dry as well as wet land cultivation.
  • Suitable for light and medium soil>
  • Used for loosening and aerating soil up to depth of 125 mm- 1500 mm.
  • Prepares seed bed quickly and economically.

Technical Specification for Rotavator


ST 125 cm

ST 150 cm

ST 175 cm

ST 200 cm

TRACTOR POWER 35-40 HP 40-45 HP 45-50 HP 50-55 HP
OVERALL WIDTH 155 cm 185 cm 205 cm 230 cm
TILLAGE WIDTH 125 cm 150 cm 175 cm 200 cm
GEARBOX Multi Speed Multi Speed Multi Speed Multi Speed
ROTATED BY Gear Driven Gear Driven Gear Driven Gear Driven
P.T.O SPEED (rpm) 540/1000 540/1000 540/1000 540/1000
ROTOR SPEED 210 210 210 210
GEAR BOX OVERLOAD PROTECTION Shear Bolt Shear Bolt Shear Bolt Shear Bolt
NO. OF FLANGES 5 6 7 8
NO. OF BLADES 30 36 42 48
APPROX. WEIGHT 400 Kg 450 Kg 500 Kg 550 Kg

What is the use of Rotavator?

Soil preparation can be time consuming. However, with the right tools and equipment you can increase the efficiency of your business. A rotavator is a useful piece of machinery when it comes to soil preparation. These versatile pieces of farming equipment is a motorised machine which uses rotating blades to turn soil. In their essence rotavators are earth turning equipment which perform a similar function to cultivators and tillers. While all rotavators perform a similar function, different models offer different capabilities.

From where I can buy Seth Tufail's Rotavator?

You can buy it from our any authorized distributor. Our distributors are in almost every city of Pakistan including Kashmir.

What about the spare parts? In case I need it, from where I can buy?

We are keeping manufacturing all parts of our all Rotavator models. Our quality of spare parts are easily available from our distributors.